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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode 6 (90s, malcom in the middle) 

Ok so we got a ton of answers in this episode yet we also got like a million more questions, like why the hell is quicksilver acting so weird, and who is the guy Monica is going to meet, and WHAT HAPPENED TO DARCIE??? 

Just so many questions and not enough answers. Yet we actually did get some big reveals, like the twins have their powers now and so does Monica, well not yet but we know her powers are coming, they were hinted at last episode and this episode they directly acknowledged that she’s basically made out of pure energy now that she’s been in and out of Monica’s reality, but that leads me to believe, does everyone else in west view have powers now? And does that mean Darcie is gonna become a avenger? 😂

And of course we got the part where vision talks to Agnes, that just felt so fake to me, like Agnes is definitely pretending to be controlled by Wanda, I know she’s up to something. And vision finally left west view, at least he tried to.

Also that dead quicksilver scene tho 😭, not as freaky as the vision one but damn.

I think that the aerospace engineer that Monica was talking about might just be reed richards, and that’s the big Luke skywalker level reveal we get at the end of the series. Imagine seeing John krasinski as reed richards, I’d probably freak out so much I’d pass out lol.

Well I’m super hyped for next week. The next three episodes are gonna be bonkers, and they’re gonna be longer (an hour each!) which is awesome! Sorry I’m a little late with this review, it’s been a crazy weekend, I got a couple of reviews on the way (one for reservoir dogs and one for patriots day, and possibly more)

Thanks for reading!! 

Also fuck director Hayward

Also how about my boy jimmy woo with that 1 2 mayweather COMING IN CLUTCH, GET THIS MAN A SHOW!!!!

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