Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★★

Part 6 of Hoop-tober 7.0

One of the greatest ghost stories ever told because it gets to the heart of why ghost stories affect us so deeply. Death is never clean in severing all ties. It always leaves loose ends. The line between this world and the next is so fine that it feels impossible for someone to disappear from our lives in an instant. 

Ghost stories are terrifying because loss is terrifying. The living have to go on without a piece of themselves and have to come to terms with a world without someone they love. 

And Lake Mungo’s format makes this feel more real than any film I’ve ever seen. The eerily realistic acting combined with the video footage juuuust distorted enough to feel real adds up to some of the most disorienting and terrifying chills I’ve ever experienced. 

I was actually reminded of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and the seismic effect the death of Laura Palmer has on her family and the community at large. But also how deeply sad it is the amount of pain Alice and Laura go through in silence without anyone to listen to them. 

I’m still shaken by it. Right now I feel it’s a masterpiece.

Don’t look away. Not even for a second.

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