Us ★★★★½

"We are......Americans."

One of the best movies about class ever made.

I'm continuously amazed at how well Peele is able to balance big ideas, well-executed jokes and thrills that absolutely bring the house down. If you've been to one of his movies in the theater I don't even need to tell you this, audiences are hanging on every beat waiting to laugh or scream their head off.

Peele has the audience like putty in his hand and there's so many thrilling and funny beats that are just timed to absolute perfection all in sequence. Not to mention the design of the film's sets, costumes and music which have all proved to be iconic in the intervening years.

US or "U.S." is a brilliant little play on how we ignore the most destitute in our society. We are separated by distinct by invisible barriers but just far away enough where they can't intrude on each other's daily lives. There's nothing particularly foreign between them and yet the destitute intimidate middle class people, sometimes with their speech or their actions. We don't know why we're separated, we may feel slightly guilty but we also don't think of ourselves as so extremely lucky to be privileged while others suffer.

I think maybe a little *too* much is made of supposed plot holes in this by internet pedants but I can't deny some parts of it do intrude on my focus during the climax. As Bruce Wayne once told Edward Nigma in Batman Forever "there's just too many questions."

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