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Tobias Olson


I dig arty trash, trashy art, obscurities, classics and the not-so-classic. I hate fascists.

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  • The Todd Killings

    The Todd Killings


    Decent early 70s true crimer that hews closely to the facts of the Charles Schmid "Pied Piper of Tucson" murders. The story has been updated 5 years to then present day 1970, so Schmid is now a hippie as opposed to a pancake makeup-ed greaser. Lyons is good in the lead even if he is a few years too old for the part. He nails the manipulative slug side of the character.

    I've been vibing with a lot of these…

  • Ogroff



    TBH I wasn't all that impressed with this during the front half-- I've seen shoddy no-budget, no-plot backyard gore before-- but once the zombies and the "love story" were introduced it's warped charm won me over. It also closes with a Howard Vernon cameo which helps.

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  • All Ladies Do It

    All Ladies Do It


    Absurdly horny live action cartoon about the joys of infidelity/cuckoldry and ass worship. Mostly a silly, sexy good time until a throwaway bit of ugly transphobia towards the end kinda let the air out of the balloon for me. I don't expect political correctness from Tinto Brass but it served no purpose, not even as a 'laugh line', and seemed at odds with the overall tone. The following scene-- a rave/orgy set to a hilariously awful cover of "Everybody Dance Now"-- almost won me back but alas the thrill was gone.

  • Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula

    Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula


    Look, Jess Franco is an acquired taste and even within that small subculture of Francophiles 'Marie-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula' would itself be considered an acquired taste but, I have to say, this goofball piece of late 90s dandruff was exactly to *my* taste. Of course, that may mean I have *bad* taste but so be it.

    Part typical Franco soft core, part Spanish sex comedy, part tossed off "punk" pulp riff, part absurd kinky comic book, part women empowerment…