WandaVision ★★½

A severe disappointment in which Marvel attempts to be “quirky” and “different” with the sitcom format (which is an interesting idea in itself which grows tiring by the end of the first episode) only to revert back to generic and formulaic Marvel schlock by the fourth episode. The tonal shifts are unbearably jarring throughout the entire thing; how do you want your audience to feel?

The performances here are competent (Elizabeth Olsen by far being the standout), but they were sadly brought down by the unbearable (and typical Marvel) dialogue. Every scene without the titular characters felt so redundant and superfluous in its dialogue; insert (un)funny one-liner here, audience laughs, repeat in next scene. 

There are some interesting themes explored throughout these nine episodes (i.e. dealing with grief as a “superhero”, and unintentionally harming other people as a form of escapism) but nothing feels expanded upon, instead it feels like the writers threw everything at the wall to see what stuck in an attempt to convince audience members this whole thing is smarter than it really is.

Despite this, the show still feels the need to hold the viewer’s hand through these themes. Almost an entire episode is spent spoon-feeding the viewer the complexities of the main character through the dialogue of another character (who I may add has some of the worst-written dialogue I’ve seen in a Marvel property), as if the viewer can’t discover these themes for themself by literally watching the show in front of them and maybe, just maybe using their brain a minimal amount.

What started as a neat little gimmick turned into another mediocre action fest with hollow characters, formulaic writing, and-oh look a Phase 4 tease! Aren’t people tired of this yet?

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