A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

Who would have thought so much terror could exist in silence?

A QUIET PLACE is a fresh and innovative film in a genre that needs it the most. Because of its innovation and work with ASL, I think it is arguably one of the most important films of 2018. For those who weren't immediately swept up into the hype of this film and didn't see it right away, A QUIET PLACE follows a family forced to be silent, even when all they desire is to express themselves through sound in certain moments, in order to avoid being killed by disturbing creatures who hunt by sound.

Since the film operates mostly in silence, relying on subtitles to translate the ASL, and even rarely has diegetic sound, it is a very different experience from most Hollywood cinema. Since we've long been out of the Silent Era, most films rely on sound to express everything: from dialogue to action and even emotions. Yet, A QUIET PLACE communicates intensity and human emotion just as well (if not better) than many sound reliant films. I felt so on edge during my viewing of it, so immersed in the need to be quiet, that any small noise in the theater felt like we would suddenly end up found by the same creatures. I rarely ever experience fear at a movie, but I felt a tightness in my chest as I watched this that I was only able to breathe out once it was over.

Going off that, I think the inclusion of ASL is particularly important as sign language is so rarely represented in film and it is clear, after the success of this, that people can handle subtitles while watching a movie. I especially love the inclusion of a deaf actress. John Krasinski seemed to work really hard at using ASL correctly and making a film that included people often left out by the film industry.

For a directorial debut, John Krasinski turned out an intense thriller with a cast with a great dynamic and the long awaited inclusion of ASL. The horror genre and film as a medium are becoming more inventive and innovative right before our eyes, and the silent terror of A QUIET PLACE has played its part in changing horror films as we know them.

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