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  • Tenet



    The king of "cerebral blockbusters" is back with his latest time-twisting, mind-bending, bladder-bursting epic of world saving spy shenanigans and the results are.. mixed. While there is plenty to like about Tenet, with its exquisite tailoring and "how did they do that" fight choreography, it's a film that too often feels like Nolan has not so much gone back to his time-altering well but fell head first into it.

    A lot of reviews have said you just need to sit…

  • White Fire

    White Fire


    You're cold as ice
    Well I don't believe a word, but you were willing to sacrifice
    I know you're in the sniper sights. And god only knows hes right
    When there's no one out there to fight
    In the White Fire (WHITE FIYAH)
    Down in dancing sand out there
    Such a love affair
    I said White Fire (WHITE FIYAH)
    Rolling like a thunderball
    Crashing through the wall."

    The Arrow Video blu-ray release finally gave me the opportunity to land…

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  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    Just unbelievably bland, generic, flat, dull, pick your adjective. After watching the McG films that are bursting with style and a joyous silliness, it's so depressing to see Banks' effort capture none of that. Its just a below average spy movie with bad action, lacklustre comedy and a daft plot that tries to expand the lore of a series that didn't need it. No spark, no fun, no good.

    Kristen Stewart innocent

  • The Last Boy Scout

    The Last Boy Scout


    β€œIt's called a vocabulary. You got one of those?"
    " Sorry, my subscription to JUGGS magazine ran out.”

    Love Tony Scott, love Shane Black, put them together and surprise, I love it! Wonderfully dark, filled with excessive, splattery violence, a great worn down Bruce Willis performance and tied to such a fun script. What a blast.

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    For all the ridiculous uproar last year of Tarantino supposedly portraying the Manson family murders, I cannot imagine any film treating Sharon Tate with greater care, or doing more to remove her from that night and celebrate her as a warm, soulful person than he does in Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood. Instead of her life being framed solely as a tragic victim at the hands of a murderous cult, here Margo Robbie's Tate is the heart of everything…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame