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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    The epitome of be gay do crime. Very fun and entertaining. Ending felt a tad unnecessary but maybe thats because it was a little tropey.

  • Behind Her Eyes

    Behind Her Eyes


    So torn up for how to rate this because holy heck that was an incredible mindfuck but on the other hand it really REALLY leans into the trope of the deviant gay (and not like deviant in a fun 'be gay do crimes' way more in a totally fucked up kind of way)

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  • Ran



    Day 36 of lockdown: Okay this actually took me a few days to finish for various reasons. I've studied King Lear so I enjoyed being able to pick out and compare moments. That being said I found it difficult to generally connect to any of the characters and I feel one factor is the lack of close-up shots. We view everything from a distance which enhances the general theme of the distance between Hidetora and his sons, but my interest certainly waned a few times. Yet, there were some fantastic scenes and shots here that definitely bumped up my rating!

  • The Aeronauts

    The Aeronauts


    The beginning: an empty day and some cinema vouchers. A confusing trailer gave little away and middling reviews left few expectations.
    The end: a contender for favourite film of the year, little regard for those who criticise the flashbacks (did you really want all that exposition as dialogue???? Really????) and returning for another watch (to make sure I hadn't been brainwashed by the beautiful cinematography).
    In conclusion - damn you Amazon for making me care about one of your films.