Alita: Battle Angel ★★★★½

I had been hearing good things about Alita and that coupled with my lack of any knowledge about the franchise besides "'90s manga" got me interested enough to sneak out to the theater to watch this movie all by my lonesome (which, as a father of two is pretty much my dream scenario that happens maybe twice a year).

I'm glad I did because I found it to be supremely entertaining and very anime-in-a-good-way and not anime-in-an-OMG-what-is-Hollywood-doing-please-stop way. Great cast, great visual effects, a story that was engaging the whole way through, and an ending that has me longing for a sequel. I guess it is possible to do a decent manga adaptation in the Hollywood system. You live long enough and you'll see a lot of crazy stuff. Just don't screw up Evangelion.

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