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  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Ant-Man
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Avengers: Infinity War

not my favorite movies of all time...unless 👀

34 films

movies that are so good but i can’t officially call them favorites yet, y’know???

  • The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

movies i’ve seen in theaters

80 films

i did it for the popcorn

  • Ant-Man
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Black Panther
  • Captain America: Civil War

“seen anything good?”

52 films

movies that may or may not be in my favorites but they’re great and i would recommend them to anyone!! …

  • Judas and the Black Messiah
  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco
  • Black Panther
  • Selma
  • Sorry to Bother You

black faces, black voices

229 films

that cultural reset you’re looking for? here it is

  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  • Adam
  • Aladdin
  • Albert Nobbs
  • Alex Cross

"hello, my name is ___”

244 films

alt titles + some quotes to play around with (this is so stupid don’t say i didn’t warn you):


  • West Side Story
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Chicago
  • Hairspray

🌙✨ favies ✨🌙

21 films

my favorite movies of all time. movies i've seen 500000 times.

  • 16 Wishes
  • Agent Cody Banks
  • Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
  • Aladdin
  • Alice Upside Down

every kids' movie

282 films

purely for my own fascination with cataloging things! but maybe it’ll trigger some good nostalgic memories for you too 😌 …

  • Bratz
  • Sleepover
  • The Music Man
  • The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  • Little Manhattan

movies y’all thought were bad but you were wrong

39 films

aka my guilty pleasure films that i won’t admit are guilty pleasures because they are masterpieces obviously 

  • The Truman Show
  • Chicago
  • Into the Woods
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Hairspray

re: why are you like this?

30 films

the films that made me the goofy evil mustache-twirling oil tycoon i am today

  • Joker
  • Predator
  • Gamer
  • Eraser
  • Hunter Killer

movie titles that fit “____? hardly know her!” perfectly

53 films

i keep thinking of these and it keeps me up at night i’m sorry