Eyes of Fire

Eyes of Fire ★★★★

Eyes of Fire? More like brains on fire! A film that sneaks up on you, slowly engulfing you in it's whimsical world of wacky wonder. What starts as your typical folk horror film slowly unravels it's conventional exterior to unleash the mystifying madness lurking within. A dense and layered experience shrouded in thick atmosphere and mystery there's sinister surprises lurking around every corner!

Like sinking deeper into a runaway nightmare Eyes of Fire builds into a supernatural spectacle of fantasy and terror. The deeper into the woods they go the weirder and more surreal the journey becomes! Freaky tree faces, trippy visuals, mysterious mud spirits, horrifying forest demons dang! Welcome to nightmare town population my dreams tonight!

A film that balances lots of interesting elements resulting in a well rounded experience. I always love a film that's well made and polished yet still taps into that chaotic B movie energy when you least expect it. Perfectly bleak, weird, creepy and campy. My kinda oddball folky fantasy fever dream.

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