In the Mouth of Madness

In the Mouth of Madness ★★★★

This is a Carpenter film that I haven't seen nearly enough. For some reason it's not a film I often think about when I'm feeling the ol Carpenter craving. Overdue for a rewatch and I gotta say it's really held up well.

The deterioration of the human mind has never been so visceral. Perfectly creepy with great atmosphere this film has lots going for it. A great performance by Sam Neil who does a great job portraying a man who is rapidly losing his grip on reality.

Sutter Cane is a mysterious horror writer whos books have an evil and hypnotic hold on his readers. Neil plays an insurance investigator who's exploring the strange occurrences surrounding Cane. As he gets closer to finding Cane his reality begins to contort into a surreal delusion of terror.

I love how this film can switch into nightmare mode at any second providing some truly jarring moments throughout. Killer mobs, horrific creatures, zombies and a whole lot of nightmarish creations straight outta the depths of hell.

Also fun fact- the giant cathedral in this film is very close to me. We would drive by it on the way to my Grandmas house when I was younger and I called it "the castle." Memories...

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