Far from Heaven

Far from Heaven ★★★★★

Just beyond the fall of grace, behold that ever-shining place.

I noticed on this watch that the only character who has love at the end of the film is the one who defied societal conventions and accepted the consequences that come with that. Todd Haynes is sending a message about toxic shame and expectations, but he’s also making a point about privilege and who has the power to walk away from what’s expected of them and enforced by their society and communities. 

On another note, that line was so good I had to pause and see what poem it was from. But it’s not from a poem. Todd Haynes wrote it. In another movie it could be strange for a character to say something so beautiful but so outside the norm of how people talk. But Far From Heaven is a stylized homage to a specific type of movie, that surreal, plastic quality is part of the charm of the film. The expert performances of Julianne Moore, Dennis Haysbert, and Dennis Quaid keep this movie grounded and emotionally true. Every part of this movie is working to convey the themes, right down to Julianne Moore’s outfits.

This movie gave me a genuine existential crisis tonight, that’s how good it is. Todd Haynes is a genius, I owe him my life.

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