Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★½

Eddie Murphy is back! And in the best way possible. Dolemite is My Name is utterly delightful and one of the best films of the year.

This film is so much fun and you can’t help but smile watching it. I didn’t know anything about the whole Dolemite story and history before watching this film, so I was pleasantly surprised when it revealed itself to be in the same vein as films like The Disaster Artist. We have a character who wants to make it big, is quite deluded and naive, but you can’t help admire them. And they both make a film all on their own without knowing what the hell they’re doing. 

Eddie Murphy is just fantastic in this. I didn’t know how much I missed watching his films until now. He truly is such one of the greatest comedians ever. His performance had me laughing constantly, but also feeling for his character too, and despite all circumstances, really wanting him to succeed. 

The supporting cast is on point too. So many actors I love in one film (Doug Judy, Titus Andromedon, Saul Goodman, Marty the Zebra and Snoop Dog all in one movie? You bet!) and they’re all great in their roles, big or small. You also can’t help but get lost in the groovy, raunchy 60s setting, from the music, big hair and wild costumes. 

Dolemite is My Name is a stellar return from Eddie Murphy, and I really hope he decides to come back to Hollywood for good after this. It’s not only hilarious, but way more heartwarming than I expected. It’s an underdog story disguised in a flashy, outrageous, wild romp.

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