Midsommar ★★★★

The feel good film of the year! That is a joke. This film will not make you feel good. But it is quite good. I did enjoy Ari Aster’s Hereditary last year, and while I found the ending unsatisfying, I thought that Aster was a really exciting and fresh voice in the horror genre and I was excited to see what he did next. 

Midsommar is not your conventional horror film by any means. Its purpose isn’t really to scare, but to disturb its audience, which it certainly does. This film has an incredibly unsettling tone and feel to it. Even when our main characters first arrive at the Midsommar festival, where it’s sunny and everything looks quite beautiful, there is already something very off. And then from there everything just builds up, with a slow but effective burn. There is some truly fucked up shit in this film. Certain visuals and scenes had me squirming or sometimes just going ‘What the actual fuck?’. I tell you, it takes a real twisted individual to come up with these things. But it all adds to the bizarre nature of the film, and while it is uncomfortable to watch, it is effective in shocking the audience. 

The cinematography is just stunning, the sun drenched Swedish landscape is absolutely gorgeous, which makes its sinister nature even more disturbing. Florence Pugh is really strong in the lead role - she’s someone who I’m really liking as she does more work. Will Poulter adds much needed comedic relief to the film - there is a hilarious scene near the start where the main characters take magic mushrooms, and it’s probably the funniest scene in a very dark film. Also it’s so weird to see William Jackson Harper, who plays Chidi in the bright and bubbly The Good Place, in a film like this. The music adds so much mood and atmosphere to the film in a very unsettling way. 

I think I liked Midsommar better than Hereditary, I certainly found the ending more satisfying. This film is definitely not for everyone but if you’re in the mood for some disturbing stuff then you’re set. So yes, I recommend Midsommar, it’s very good filmmaking, but I don’t think it’s at the top of my rewatch list!

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