Nope ★★★

Not a bad movie by any means, but definitely the biggest disappointment of the year for me so far, and I’m torn.

This was one of my most anticipated movies of 2022, with Jordan Peele being one of my favourite working directors at the moment. As a film, it was great to watch, especially on the big screen. It’s visually spectacular, with great direction and phenomenal sound design. It’s never boring, and keeps you on the edge of your seat for its entire runtime. Essentially my main problem was that when the credits rolled, I had far too many questions.

Peele is a thematic filmmaker, but with his previous movies I could always make connections and interpret things in one way or another. In Nope, there are two storylines - the main UFO plot, and then the backstory of Steven Yeun’s character and the monkey Gordy. I thought these two would intertwine at the end of the movie, but I just did not get the Gordy element. I had to read up on it after, and while people’s interpretations make sense, it’s just too far stretched for me and I never would have made those connections. Maybe I’m not as smart as other people, but I just didn’t get it. I kind of wish the film had just focused on the main storyline with the UFO and the siblings. 

I still think Peele is a master, but this is not his best work. From a filmmaking perspective it’s fantastic, but otherwise left me a little too puzzled for my liking. Hoping his next work is more in the vein of Get Out or Us.

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