Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Another great addition to the MCU! Definitely not at all what I was expecting and quite different to Homecoming. 

Tom Holland is great as Peter Parker, such a perfect casting choice, he is the best Spider-Man and plays the character so well. And he’s adorable of course. Lots of supporting characters return including my fave Ned, who is so funny as always. Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome as Mysterio, he’s brilliant in everything he’s in and it’s awesome to see him in the MCU. Without giving anything away, his character is super intriguing too. 

The romance between Peter and MJ was cute but it felt a little forced, considering Peter liked someone else in the last film, and because she left it’s like he’s just moved on to the next girl. There’s great action, and some really trippy scenes visually featuring Mysterio which were pretty awesome. And the mid credits scene.... ooooooff! A cool cameo made me chuckle too. 

Overall super fun, has the comedy and light heartedness of the first film, with some neat twists and turns. As this is the last film of Phase 3, I’m very interested, nervous and excited to see where Marvel goes from here!

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