The Secret Agent ★★★½

Solid three-parter from the pen of Tony Marchant that only really gets going after the events in Greenwich Park. Jones is, in my opinion, slightly miscast as Verloc and portrays him sympathetically. He's not really like that in the book or in Hitchcock's masterful adaptation. The real focus of the story is actually Winnie and in Conrad's novella it's the fate of those left behind, or rather those on the outskirts, that seems to most interest him. Thankfully Marchant realises this eventually and Vicky McClure's performance in the final episode is superb. 

The supporting cast are also strong and with Gavin Finney behind the camera it was always going to be a good looking show. The other design elements add to the murky atmosphere of late 19th Century London. A solid adaptation from Auntie then but nothing outstanding.