Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

another round is a synthesis of ambivalence, lust and infatuous appeasement.

mads mikkelsen plays a senior level history teacher who alongside his fellow mutuals attempt to conduct an experiment to test if their levels of functionality is catalysed while moderately intoxicated.
what is deliberated is how

mikkelsens character is almost emancipated from his temperance of stoicism, drinking alleviating the burdens that make his life difficult and arduous, while also incrementally increasing the volume of his drinking to further exercise whether his humility is more gratified by further surplus intoxication.

all the while becoming further reconciled with the subsequent fate of alcoholism and the covetous detriment of wanting more and more to neutralise his melancholy.

what vinterberg presents is a story that isn't of rhetorics, rather adverse demeanors of potency and feeling hollow and the temporary resolutions that render all collateral events as subdued and futile, such as Martin's (mikkelsens character) relationship with his wife.

another round approaches the subject of profuse alcoholism and its inherent detriments in a very tender consideration, a topic of which is very perpetual and reverent in some people in my life and for that this film is very very special.

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