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  • Memoria
  • Donkey Skin
  • Anaïs in Love
  • Carnival of Souls

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  • Dear Child


  • The Creeping Flesh


  • Ginger Snaps


  • Suspiria


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  • About Endlessness

    About Endlessness


    how can something be so dreary and yet so peaceful? hopeless but yet kind of hopeful too?

    to me the core of this film was the meaning of endlessness. what is it about? what comes with it? should it terrify us or calm us down? in my eyes endlessness is able to do both, bring us hope or take it away from us. because on the one hand it can be utterly depressing and tiring if there’s no end or…

  • Adam's Apples

    Adam's Apples


    how badly i wanted to punch mads mikkelsen in the face only for his nasal bone to be in its correct position again

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  • Suspiria



    happy spooktober everyone!! 👻🕸️✨

  • The Haunting

    The Haunting


    i went into this fully unaware of the (very unsubtle) queer coding and am relieved to hear that i’m in fact not delusional and all the things i was seeing were actually there

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  • Run



    run                              the queen’s gambit


                     2020 releases
             where a green/white pill
                   causes for trouble

  • Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Four Weddings and a Funeral

    andie macdowell:
    “ 🤖 iS iT StIlL rAiNiNg 🤖⁉️ i HaVeN’t nOtIcEd 🤖🤖💬”