Christmas Crossfire

Christmas Crossfire ★½

Christmas Crossfire doesn’t carry a lot of stature, and ultimately provides it’s audience with nothing but some eloquent shot selection and some sturdy work from behind the camera. 

Essentially Christmas Crossfire just isn’t well written, lacks ancillary support to it’s weak direction and has too much going on within it’s story. There’s far too many characters within this, and it’s almost impossible to care for any of them, so the film doesn’t feel concise with it’s building of relationships. This year the dark, choppy, effervescent comical Christmas film’s have gone completely over my head, on this occasion I don’t think the humour works well with the tone of the film whatsoever, not only does it often feel forced but the snappy dialogue is also often badly conferred between actors. 

The plot isn’t necessarily archaic or full of tropes but it is badly developed and hard to feel involved with. The convoluted nature of the film doesn’t help the baseless comedy string together. Ultimately Christmas Crossfire is a misfire with a clunky and unpolished narrative which will fail to entice most viewers. 

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