Christmas vs. The Walters

Christmas vs. The Walters ★½

Christmas vs. The Walters is a trite and unconvincing Christmas film with very little original or noteworthy ideas. 

As an ensemble piece this never comes together, the chemistry between the actors isn’t great and the individual performances aren’t credible. Dean Winters is under-utilised and his relationship with Diane Walters character isn’t explored with enough authenticity. Bruce Dern’s cameo caught me off guard, from the looks of it he wasn’t on set for very long which is refreshing because his entire presence feels insignificant and trivial. The storytelling is lazy and the storylines are really hackneyed, in particular the overprotective storylines involving the Daughter. 

The dialogue is strangely put together, some conservations have a hilariously unintentional repetitiveness to them. Walter’s expositional scenes are mainly done over the telephone, an incredibly idle form of writing. The film thankfully isn’t visually gleaming but it’s all too quotidian. The characters aren’t likeable, they come off as whiny and mawkish and fundamentally so does the film.

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