Jerry & Marge Go Large

Jerry & Marge Go Large ★★½

A very safe outing from David Frankel that suits streaming well. This is the type of content that might well build the backbone of a successful streaming service, a traditional, feel-good film with likeable character actors.

Brian Cranston and Annette Bening star as the titular Jerry and Marge, and the pair have great chemistry and embody the roles of small town, family driven individuals. The ensemble has enough nuance and likability, Rainn Wilson provides enough fruitful comic relief despite the writers not having much to do with him. It’s hard to imagine the film succeeding in any way without the two leads being likeable, and already having a back catalogue of likeable and well known material. As despite the film being based on a true story, it never felt like I was watching characters, rather Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening performing. In fact Cranston is almost overacting in some scenes, the writing is quite underdeveloped which is sometimes displayed by Cranston’s general expressionism and lack of subtlety. 

It’s a sweet film with low stakes and not an awful lot to say, I can imagine it making an impression on an older audience, in fact if this is akin to anything it’s the low budget studio comedies that were commonplace in 2000s Hollywood.

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