Nocturne ★★

Nocturne contains some genuinely frightening imagery, but struggles to permeate this imagery within an interesting or coherent narrative. 

Sydney Sweeney is very good in the main role here, it’s unfortunate that the writing for her character doesn’t lend a hand to her performance. The character of Juliet was the only real opening point for us to feel involved in the film, and unfortunately as a protagonist she was only briefly exciting and the film felt heavily inaccessible for the most part. I didn’t feel wrapped up in the film, the storytelling feels profusely distant and I particularly found the writing hard to engage with, although the score was excellent. 

As I said, the imagery is briefly excellent, although not until the very end does the imagery carry any real meaning. The ending is very well put together, but it really just proves that the film was continuously adjourning itself until it proudly closed off the overran story. It’s disappointing because the film had potential thematically, but the themes are not well pervaded into the narrative and the film feels too bleak, too often. It feels like a film with a strong voice behind it, but unfortunately the director couldn’t find her footing and the film slumped to mediocrity when it tried to be meaningful. 

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