Photocopier ★★★½

Photocopier has a refreshingly adept use of technological storytelling and winds up as a thrilling, determined film. 

Turning a cold shoulder on the backdrop of controversy surrounding this film, I found Photocopier to be one of the more engaging and unique Netflix thrillers as of late. Somewhat owing to the solid on screen work of Shenina Cinnamon, who is fully believable and refined as the complicated Sur. The film develops an interesting mystery through the intriguing nature of Sur as a protagonist, the interesting use of technology and the exploration of Indonesian cultural norms. It’s a very simple concept that we’ve seen done before in different contexts, but what made the film feel fresh was the world building through technology, it feels very relieving to finally see a film successfully utilise 21st century technology and communication in an effective and thrilling way. 

While the first two acts excellently establish this cloudy, mysterious world, the final act lost me a bit with the somewhat inexorable use of hyperreality. For some it will conclude the film perfectly but for me the film lost its somewhat grounded nature and apprehensive atmosphere.

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