Scream ★★★

For me Scream 5 wasn’t quite the brilliant contemporary reimagining of this franchise that many have found. Directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin were a good choice to helm this project, they direct with a lot of energy and find a solid balance of humour and horror. However similarly to Scream 4 I’m past the point of excusing these films for being filled with tropes on the basis of their insane levels of being self-referential. 

When the first Scream came out, or more so when Wes Craven’s New Nightmare came out, he was clearly doing something ahead of its time. However the meta nature of this, the self-referential dialogue and the taunting of reboots no longer feel revolutionary. That being said for long term fans of the franchise the meta humour should be up to standard, and the film is reasonably funny. Another way in which I thought Scream 5 faltered was that the characters are just not very interesting, especially when paired with the much more fleshed out older cast. As a legacy sequel I also thought the integration of the new cast and the original characters was fairly weak. 

There’s a lot to appreciate about the contemporary edge that this does have, the technology and enhanced security systems add to the drama effectively. The new actors are all cast well, even if a few look a lot older than they’re supposed to be. Ghostface still works as an antagonist and the set up for the sequel doesn’t feel forced. While I didn’t find it as fresh as many, Scream 5 is still an entertaining slasher film.

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