The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild ★½

Feels very much like a cheap, made for streaming show, the small scale episodic structure and story do not translate well as a film.

Nothing about this will attract anyone who’s a fan of this franchise, the animation style has changed and is very cheap looking. The quick recap of the characters at the beginning of the film show the intention to not draw back on any of the complexities that have made these characters fun to watch. The recasting of almost every voice role will alienate many older viewers, it felt like imitation rather than actually watching the same characters that were first put to screen 20 years ago. 

While I can’t imagine this working for older viewers, I also doubt it will work for a newer, younger audience. Buck as a character doesn’t really work as a protagonist and the story will struggle to entertain anyone. At the very best it might work as background noise, but it’s a deeply lazy addition to the franchise.

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