Triggered ★★½

Never boring but also never particularly enticing or convincing. Triggered is a low budget B-movie with a solid premise and weak direction. 

The main issue is the characters, not only is there far too many characters, but the characters themselves are also too skimpy and thinly sketched, creating no real protagonist within the narrative. The lack of a clear protagonist made it very hard for the film to feel like anything more than an enjoyable spectacle without any clear drive. It’s hard to keep up with what the characters are doing (and which ones have died). It is mildly entertaining as a survival spectacle, but if you’re expecting anything grander you’ll be disappointed. 

The suspense mainly comes from the threat coming from inside the group, it kept me on my toes but when revelations do occur, I didn’t care. I was impressed with the amount of gore they could afford, most of the kills are believable enough practically but not narratively (some of the lines said before kills actually ruin any level of tension that was previously building). Due to it’s large ensemble, there was quite a range of performances, some incredibly bad and some quite good. The script feels like it was written by more than 20 people, quite often lines are blurted out which feel completely random and sometimes they work but they mostly feel erroneous and out of place. As I said, the premise is actually quite exciting but for it to work they needed a clearer direction and a shortening of the surplus of characters. 

I’m sure it was a blast to make, the people in front of the camera probably had just as much creative input as the one’s behind the camera. Unfortunately it’s not quite the fractious kill fest that I partly wanted nor does it contain the characters or the story to make it fully engaging.

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