• Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Kingsman: The Secret Service


    Nobody but Vaughn could had directed this and made it this fun. The action scenes are shot so well, in that church scene it was hard to believe that the man kicking everyone’s ass was COLIN FIRTH.

    The soundtrack fits so perfectly, without a doubt your foot will be bouncing throughout the film. The whole lispy Sam Jackson thing worked well.

    With great acting, engaging characters who all had pasts that we cared about, lots of funny parts and well shot action scenes, it’s safe to say that this is such a fun movie.

  • Love Actually

    Love Actually


    Such a great and charming cast. Just so hard to keep up with all the stories, there were so many, the best being Neeson and his stepson and the worst being whatever that Keira Knightley and Ejiofor thing was.

  • Five Minutes of Heaven

    Five Minutes of Heaven


    Displays history in Northern Ireland really well. 

    Nesbitt and Neeson are great, I always struggle to enjoy a Northern Irish actors performance because hearing my own accent on TV makes me cringe, unless the acting is believable and clean, and it was here for the most part.

  • The Change-Up

    The Change-Up


    Not bad, felt like a fresh way to use an unoriginal concept. Bateman and Reynolds were funny playing against their normal character types. 

    Unfortunately it gets annoying with lots of unoriginal poo jokes and Leslie Mann is over the top in a lot of her scenes.

  • Gravity



    I give this 2 stars when I first watched it because I got a bit bored and didn’t appreciate the film. Mainly because I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan. Then I realised that this is hardy even sci-fi, it’s a great thriller.

    During the rewatch I can’t deny that at some points I was a bit bored, but I still absolutely loved this. 

    This looks perfect, it is directed perfectly, the performances are perfect. The thrills, excitement, beauty, scares and drama of this film are all out of this world. Sorry Cuarón for my ignorance upon first watch, you were fully deserved of that Oscar.

  • The Fighter

    The Fighter


    We don’t deserve Christian Bale, his commitment to roles are unbelievable. Bale made this movie for me, Marky Mark and Adam’s both did a fine job as well. 

    Really well directed and a great feel good brotherly story.

  • You Can Count on Me

    You Can Count on Me


    Beautifully crafted and acted. Ruffalo is so likeable and innocent and he has great chemistry with Linney and Rory Culkin who was a great child actor. 

    The only thing that bored me was the storyline between the mother and Matthew Broderick’s character. 

    Overall this is well made film.

  • Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe


    One of the best Netflix rom-coms this year. Some jokes don’t hit and the story sometimes drags. The main actors have great chemistry together and Keanu was perfect as expected.

  • Plump Fiction

    Plump Fiction



  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    Yeah, well, this is just like, my opinion, man.

  • Blow Out

    Blow Out


    Great mystery/thriller, for me this is Travolta’s best performance. De Palma has made this so perfectly, the dialogue is amazing. Similar to “Seven” it takes about 45 minutes until we see the face of the killer, which works really effectively.

    Yes the ending is cheesy and yes I still loved it.

  • First Blood

    First Blood


    A lot deeper than I thought it would be. Definitely my favourite Stallone performance.