• The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    This is so different to any film I’ve seen before. Everything was so original that you had no idea what was going to happen next. 

    This has an unbelievable cast, everything from a bald Harvey Keitel, Jeff Goldblum and wow. Ralph Fiennes is great, Willem Dafoe was really good as well. 

    Wes Anderson shot this so perfectly that I feel that I really need to check out some of his other work.

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Are you talking to me

  • London



    This was very surprising, I love finding a gem like this knowing that not many others have seen it. This really is a great character study of 2 complete strangers just explaining their life story. Jason Statham is really good in this film, definitely one of my favourite Statham performances and this is a side of Chris Evans that I’ve never seen before. Although critics may disagree, I really thought that the characters were likeable (Statham and Evans mainly). 


  • King Kong

    King Kong


    Yep, long, fun action scenes, decent script and more longness from Peter Jackson.

  • Quantum of Solace

    Quantum of Solace


    Martin Goodman is in this for about 30 seconds and that was the highlight of this film for me.

  • Baywatch



    Obviously a terrible film, but it knows exactly how stupid it is and for some reason I continue to enjoy it. Some jokes don’t play well at all and the cgi (that burning boat scene) is awfully done. The acting wasn’t particularly special, the script is not good, and yet I’ll probably watch it again sometime soon.

  • The Heat

    The Heat


    I was surprised that I didn’t enjoy this. Basing of the fact that Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy did Spy together, I really expected more. This felt like the most generic buddy cop movie, even though buddy cop movies have been reused so many times, there can still be new ways to make them. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into either of the characters in this film. McCarthy’s character really annoyed me throughout the entire runtime and Bullock just seemed so…

  • Ali G Indahouse

    Ali G Indahouse


    I like to think that Peter Jackson was watching this in 2002 and then and there nailed Ricky C down to play Bilbo Baggins.

  • Romeo + Juliet

    Romeo + Juliet


    Thy art thou shit