The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

I really, really liked this. Everything from the soundtrack to Tom Holland’s best performance, I feel like this could be a defining film for his career. 

It wasn’t as dark as I was expecting, from reading reviews on it, I really liked the darkness of it. It felt just right. I loved the intertwining stories, all really interesting sets of characters that was brought together very smoothly at the end. The setting was done perfectly, it looked just how you’d want this film to look and is helped by the soundtrack played across radios, really gave you a feel for the time we were in. I thought the narration (by the author of the book, I believe) was good and gave us extra details, may have felt unnecessary but I liked, that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

Overall, I thought The Devil All the Time was excellent and it flew past my expectations.

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