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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode 8

MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR. The episodes keep getting better and better, and this one totally blew me away. Elizabeth Olsen is a force, and watching her on my screen is everything and more. This is the episode I was WAITING FOR. We got some truly amazing backstory that we’ve never gotten before. And I fully cried when the Maximoff family sat down to watch the Dick Van Dyke show, and Wanda looked back at her Mom to see just how happy her whole family was in that moment. It was so beautifully done, I had to rewind it back and watch it again. Also, Kathryn Hahn is EVERYTHING. She’s so perfectly cast and it’s such a delight to watch her slay this role. This episode gave us some of the best MCU content we’ve ever seen, especially the sequence where we see Wanda create the hex!!! She IS the most powerful avenger, I don’t make the rules. Also WHITE VISION??? Was not expecting that in the slightest. Truly cannot wait for the finale next week, I can’t believe it’s all gonna be over 😭

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