The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★★

Doesnt do anything particularly revolutionary for this franchise. Despite what a lot of people think, there has been some world building in this franchise. What happens in this movie makes sense in that world. 

At this point you pretty much know if you like these movies or not. If you liked the previous entries, you will enjoy this. Im a fan of the series in that i like the movies when i see them but have no urge to purchase them. 

Forever Purge has great heroes but no particular standout villain as in previous entries. No masks I could see being sold at Spirit in a couple of months. Also the end didnt feel like finality. Felt more like in a couple of years we will see if we need to bring the franchise back. Still it was mice to see the feanchise get out of the inner city and into the countryside.

Although i wouldnt necessarily say this was the best entry in the series, its still pretty good. Check it out.