Frenzy ★★★½

"Frenzy" at its core, from its script to his usual filmmaking motifs is quintessentially an Alfred Hitchcock film. With the only exception coming from the fact that this film is wrapped in the visual decor more commonly associated with Brian De Palma. And at times throughout the film, it felt like I was watching a De Palma film.

Frenzy, is Hitchcock with the shackles let loose, this is by far his most sleazy, violent and exploitative film he's made, and it stands out in his filmography as a unique piece. As the 1970's ushered in an era of director freedom it's interesting to see what it would've been like if Hitch was at his most prolific during the 70's and early 80's, because Frenzy doesn't hold back.

Frenzy is a mash up between Hitch's tried and tested formula of "the wrong man being on the run" and "Psycho". The film also uses a lot of stage actors, most of whom I'm not familiar with. There are no A list stars, and that helps to sell the believably of the world and considering the subject matter, having a star in the role would've only distracted from the story.

Frenzy is a really interesting anomaly in Hitch's filmography. Before hand, I would never of guessed that he made a film quite as visceral as this. And even though by today's standards it's pretty tame, it's still quite a shocking to see how far he went.

Over-all Frenzy is a solid thriller, the story is nothing new, but the way its presented is, which makes seeking this film out a worthwhile endeavour.

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