Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

This is essentially a film of two halves in both the story and the characters. "Part 3" is seen as the true begin of the iconic Jason figure. He acquires his trademark hockey mask and machete and he looks pretty damn intimidating with them. Jason is by far the best aspect of this film. Richard Brooker's hulking size adds a great deal of menace to Jason and he feels truly unstoppable, taking blow after blow.

The last act of this film is a lot of fun and the barn showdown is the most memorable aspect of the film. It's a set piece that revolves around the entire story. The barn acts as a Venus fly trap as it lures and ensnares those who dare enter its deadly vicinity. I like to think of it as Jason's summer house when he isn't hanging out in his shack with his mum's head.

With that said I really didn't like anything else about this film. The cast of teens were incredibly dull. The biker gang added a little more personality but were largely wasted. I consider this half a great "Friday the 13th" movie. I enjoyed every scene that featured Jason but anytime he wasn't onscreen my interest rapidly started to fade away. Overall, "Part 3" is a step down after "Part 2" and whilst I liked the advancement of Jason's character everything else was a little flat.

*Edit* I love the barn stuff so I'm bumping this to a 3.5 but my overall feelings remain at a solid 3.

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