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  • Game Night

    Game Night


    Shawn Levy’s Date Night meets David Fincher’s The Game. Literally. That’s it.

  • Annihilation



    Jurassic Park meets ArrivalSo good... beautifully paced with the perfect amount of tension and fascination. Great performances throughout and gorgeous art direction. Very well written too. Appropriate score, fits the film like a glove. The only issue for me... The amount of graphic violence was too much for my taste. What ever happened to letting things unravel off screen? But I’m nitpicking here. Excellent supernatural thriller.

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  • The Ottoman Lieutenant

    The Ottoman Lieutenant


    The film is not only cheesy and poorly directed but also Turkish propaganda. 

    Form: The directing promotes unnnatural and weak performances. The actors all deliver their lines off-key and move awkwardly. The script is conventional in every way. Not a single surprise in the unfolding of the action; act 1, act 2, ...; typical melodrama  scene, followed by another one. The only redeeming features are the cinematography and the art department.

    Content: This movie is an effort to promote the…

  • The 3 Penny Opera

    The 3 Penny Opera


    Extraordinarily dark portrayal of a capitalistic underworld in England... It's atmospheric, gorgeous and has an outstanding score that will keep you whistling for days.