• Game Night

    Game Night


    Shawn Levy’s Date Night meets David Fincher’s The Game. Literally. That’s it.

  • Annihilation



    Jurassic Park meets ArrivalSo good... beautifully paced with the perfect amount of tension and fascination. Great performances throughout and gorgeous art direction. Very well written too. Appropriate score, fits the film like a glove. The only issue for me... The amount of graphic violence was too much for my taste. What ever happened to letting things unravel off screen? But I’m nitpicking here. Excellent supernatural thriller.

  • Red Sparrow

    Red Sparrow


    Where’s the Russian dubbed version of Atomic Blonde when you need it?

  • Museo



    Berlinale 2018: Loved it. A heist film that is as artistically ambitious as it is entertaining.

  • Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

    Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot


    Very average ...

  • Das Abenteuer der Thea Roland

    Das Abenteuer der Thea Roland


    Delightful story of a sculpted and a boxer having a baby. Spoiler alert

  • Children of No Importance

    Children of No Importance


    Wonderful tender social commentary.

  • Her Majesty Love

    Her Majesty Love


    Berlinale 2018: Screening #2. A hidden gem, this early German musical varies in tone from the sophisticated (the beautiful dance sequence set to Du bist nicht die Erste sung magnificently by Leo Monosson) to the most grotesque (a server pees into champagne, for God’s sake!). This recalls the style of such comedy of errors as Der falsche Ehemann scripted by Billy Wilder. Outrageously funny and beautifully sentimental at times, a masterpiece worth rediscovering. Great performances by an outstanding cast!

  • Life Begins Tomorrow

    Life Begins Tomorrow


    Berlinale 2018: Screening #1. The style of this post-Weimar gem is reminiscent of Alfred Döblin’s Berlin–Alexanderplatz. The story is similar to the novel in so far as it tells the story of a man who comes out of prison and feels alienated... which is how both the novel and the film begin. While the Döblin’s novel then focuses on how its protagonist tries to fit into this world, the movie focuses more on a love story. Because her alarm clock…

  • Ein Madel der Strasse

    Ein Madel der Strasse


    Money brings happiness to poor folks in love. A fairy post-market crash fairy tale.

  • Under the Lantern

    Under the Lantern


    A masterpiece, newly restored by the SDK.

  • Spies



    One of the great silents. Best Silent Lang seen so far. Prefigures some Bond and Hitchcock plot devices.