Jaws ★★★★½

This movie screams Spielberg there’s no wonder it is one his most highly acclaimed titles, the cultural impact this movie trophies and the legacy of shark-fear it’s created are so esteemed they deserve reviews of their own. It’s just a shame it’s taken me so long to finally view it.

The main 3 characters are vastly differing and it electrifies every clash and confrontation. They are each perfectly cast and the appearance / costume design suits every beautifully shot moment. Robert Shaw is the star of this movie though he is breathtakingly good; it seems this was recognised by Spielberg because every screensaver worthy frame throughout the film is awarded to Quint.

To this day the puppet / machine work behind Jaws himself is remarkable, the realism in the final sequence as he gnaws through the ships hull must have been groundbreaking cinema for the time, but that does seem to be a reoccurring theme in these Spielberg classics.

8.7/10 realistically I could take jaws in a fight

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