Nomadland ★★★★½

“dedicated to the ones who had to depart. see you down the road.”

freedom is a concept that does not exist without bondage. they are two waves crashing into each other with ramifications unseen by those who bear them. between both ends of life’s inevitabilities is a quiet peace that every single living thing chases, but only a few truly attain. 

Chloé Zhao’s intimate, yet mesmerizing ode to nature’s power finds strength in the war between freedom and bondage. it’s, on the surface, a movie about nomads — free-spirited individuals who voluntarily leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern life to live in vans on the road — but Nomadland goes deeper into examining the restrictions of grief and loss and the independence that comes with painfully putting it behind you. 

Nomadland is so dense and layered (even despite how narratively simple it is). i am in awe of Chloé Zhao’s commanding prowess, and the tenderness of Frances McDormand’s poetic performance. movies like this don’t come so often, and it feels surreal to exist at the same time as it. i can’t wait to revisit it and fully take in its intricacies. this is true gold, a treasure to be cherished, and only Chloé Zhao has the magnetism to make something as dynamic as this.

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