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  • Antitrust



    A truly outstanding pile of horseshit, totally underrated as the bad-movie classic it needs to be. Antitrust has it all, including but not limited to

    -A soundtrack that sounds like background music to a car commercial

    -A Ryan Phillipe performance that can only be described as "Zoolanderian"

    -Tim Robbins eating Pringles multiple times on-screen for no reason

    -An extended suspense sequence about Phillipe trying to determine whether or not someone put sesame seeds in his food, as if it's the…

  • Infinite



    eerily reminiscent of the 2000's run of post MATRIX/X-MEN but pre MCU aborted franchise starters, a feature-length meal of indigestible lore and exposition served in the most po-faced Chosen One way possible, buffered with intensely boring leather catsuit karate action. this may as well have been shipped directly to FX to play after the 900th repeat of crap like ELEKTRA and BULLETPROOF MONK, a relic of an era nobody wants to revisit