Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly ★★★★

Hell to the yes.

The best Dragonball movie by a wide measure, the best example of what you can get with a huge budget given to filmmakers who know how to use it. Takes the Poochie of the DB universe and remakes him into a halfway-decent character with tons of room to grow into a real person within the context of this absurd universe, I'd honestly never expected anybody to do soemthign worthwhile with the Broly character but they took an absolute zero of a person and patched him up into something with potential.

It helps that this has the best fights of the entire series, a collection of gorgeous battles that eventually meld into abstract tableaus of color and furious light. The other two recent movies really didn't have much in the way of memorable spectacle but this more then makes up for it, I can totally understand why this was a gigantic hit. It's been a long time since a piece of Dragonball media knocked me on my ass like this but it really makes me want to go back and get into Super now, this was fantastic spectacle for my inner teenage self, if I had seen this at 14 I would have lost my mind.