Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

hell yeah

As someone who was lukewarm at best on HOMECOMING this is a delightful bounce-back. Gone is the truly hideous 90's UPN pilot visual aesthetic and lazy biting of John Hughes tropes and instead we get an actual Spidey movie, a story about the cost of power vs responsibility all wrapped up in a charming European love story. Zendaya's acting tics are severely calmed down this time, letting the M/Peter romance actually breathe in the quick, cute glances the film has to build the romance into something you really wanna see blossom into something more.

And then you have the Mysterio factor. I was a bit worried considering how much I've always loved the character in the comics and the promise that we'd finally see him in a movie, but they rally do nail the character down perfectly. It helps that Gyllenhall is giving the most gonzo performance in a MCU movie since Russell in GUARDIANS 2, just eating the screen whole every time the movie lets him go off and taking what could be a really weird arc and making it work.

This isn't the best Spidey movie by any means, the action is much better then in HOMECOMING but still lacks the Raimi movies or SPIDER-VERSE's pure visual aesthetics, and while I've come to accept the hyper-focus on Tony in these films it does start to grate on me in the third act when so much plot is based around his shadow. But this is easily the best live-action Spider-Man film since Raimi's 2, and it makes me hopeful for the next one if the ending of this is any indication, managing to tell a complete arc for Pete while giving the pretty large cast all time to shine.