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Benjamin Luke Mitchell

a choice to live simply.
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  • Fyre



    Sad story of neocolonialism from conception to conclusion.

    Direct international exploitation is no longer left in the hands of Western governments, you can market destruction to the consumer.

  • Lennon or McCartney

    Lennon or McCartney



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  • Outliers



    Films such as ‘Outliers’ are why I am exploring unknown cinema around the world. Compelling visuals, a heartfelt statement and outrageously beautiful music by Urna Chahar-Tugchi (who I've now found on Spotify).

    "Living in a city is punishment for a nomad who moves freely across the land. Simply waiting at a stoplight is akin to being in a cage."

  • Exhale



    So much expression in a gasping 3 minutes. Great sound design, narration, artistic vision and nostalgic aspect ratio.

    "It is at this age when everything begins to make sense for some and becomes completely clouded for others. It is at this age when some find themselves and others get lost in the forest."