The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

I love a film where EVERY word spoken matters. In The Green Knight, it matters to the (wonderfully adapted) story and it matters to character - all of them. Not a wasted moment to find. Dev Patel is very good and Alicia Vikander returns to screen glory with all her might. Her role is not titular, but like the QUEEN she is, owns the film's best scene(s), until, arguably, that virtuoso ending.

David Lowery has made a masterpiece. After making several really good films I've enjoyed, this purely cinematic epic journey is 100 percent realized up on the theater screen and getting lost in its visual magic was a journey itself. As good as it looks, feels, and sounds, the screenplay is just really terrific and gives the film weight. The adaptation couldn't have been better. Loved it.

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