• The Wolves

    The Wolves


    Say it with me: HIDEO GOSHA! Love this director.

    Three Outlaw Samurai has been a longtime favorite, and when I discovered his masterpiece, and my absolute beloved Goyokin shortly after, I went on a buying spree of his films on DVD (thank you, GoHastings - you were a true hero of my collection). This is one that's been on the shelf for years, without a watch. Today I fixed that. Today... is a good day.

    An aptly titled film. If there…

  • House of Wax

    House of Wax


    Oh, the aughts - what a time for horror movies. What a time for culture in general. A time I unabashedly love. First off, Paris Hilton was completely pleasant in this movie, and she should have been in more. She brought a certain natural aura to a cast full of people who were being pushed as stars while she was the biggest. This kind of old-school dynamic of stunt casting of a popular icon non-actor vs. upcoming, trained, MTV generation…

  • Barfly




    Mickey at his most uncorked Brando’ing with an intentional performance that is surely wild but nevertheless masterful in being able to own it as a movie star AND still draw out a hearty character. Again showing a genuinely phenomenal screen presence that is comedic, witty, and magnetic, Rourke shines brighter than the bulbs that light up the front of The Golden Horn bar. He shows just enough loneliness where we can empathize, but we know it’s gonna…

  • True Romance

    True Romance


    Okie dokie doggy daddy.

    An all-timer becomes even better on the Arrow 4K disc. It's always great when a daydream of a film can become clearer.

    I just want to see how Dick Ritchie did on T.J. Hooker.

  • The Trust

    The Trust


    Fine piece of neo 70s cinema. No heroes. No pandering. No rushing. Good ending. Good Cage.

  • Old



    Sometimes you gotta let M. just have his schlock and eat too. Fully entertaining bonkersness that lets Abbey Lee (some inspired casting) go Kuroneko all over the place a time or two & I cannot be mad at it. She has some s-c-e-n-e-s now, let me tell you. Actually, there's no way I could tell you. Dude’s sense of humor is wild.

    Let this man write and make anything he wants. He pops up before the movie starts playing for a quick message,…

  • Hellraiser: Inferno

    Hellraiser: Inferno


    Scott Derrickson’s best movie.

  • Timeline



    Ninja Turtles 3 but instead of going back in time to Japan it’s France. No turtles, but it is Paul Walker, Gerard Butler and Neal McDonough. IDK, adapting Crichton is always kinda fun, and looking back at these extended battle scenes with costumed extras and fireballs flingin’ around everywhere just hits different today.

  • Riders of Justice

    Riders of Justice


    Laughed a little, cried a little, and was thrilled a whole bunch. One of the best of the year by far. I woulda loved to have watched this in a smaller theater because this thing would have p-l-a-y-e-d. I LOVE when you get a movie and you don't know any of the actors (except the wonderful Mads), and it creates a whole cast of interesting, lived-in characters, allowing them room to work and create and man do they deliver stellar…

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad


    Momximum Overdad

  • Dawn Rider

    Dawn Rider


    I'm going to designate TERRY MILES as the "First Director of Tubi"

    A guy who I've noticed is obviously way into genre cinema, and does everything right to make his movies as good as they can possibly be. Also all his stuff is on Tubi, but not only that, seems that they were made specifically for Tubi. They are low budget, and new, but they are always in the right mind to make quality B-pictures. The Tubi Model, the Terry Miles model, is a lot trained horses, real deal set pieces, squibs, and heavy with real explosions.

  • City of Fear

    City of Fear


    A fastball thriller all the way. A madman with a canister full of radioactive material threatens a city in the age of nuclear fears. Vince Edwards reminds me of Mark Ruffalo.