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  • Adrift in Tokyo

    Adrift in Tokyo


    I’ve never wanted to go to Tokyo more than after watching this low-key beautiful little gem of a movie! Yet another film that I would never have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for the incredible work of the fine folks at Third Window Films!

    It’s quite hard to explain the joy I experienced whilst watching this one except to say that it is a subtle masterpiece! Part slacker buddy comedy, part bittersweet existential drama but 100% a love letter…

  • Violence Voyager

    Violence Voyager


    I liked this even more the second time! The gekimation is so much fun and after following Ujicha on Twitter since first seeing the film I can now see that the art style is so fundamentally him and I just adore how unapologetically fucked up it is! 

    The story starts of relatively accessible but quite quickly veers down the most bizarre and grotesque rabbit hole of depravity. It’s equal parts hilarious and disgusting but it’s 100% entertaining! 

    I cannot wait…

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  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    The Invitation is certainly a slow burn but the payoff is pretty immense. A daunting look at loss, stability & moving on in dark, crazy L.A.

  • Fires on the Plain

    Fires on the Plain


    Tsukamoto did it again! He took a genre we all know and injected his visceral and inimitable cinematography to make it his own. This is a war film for sure but it is really grim, very upsetting and with absolutely zero glorification in any way, shape or form. 

    His central performance is brilliant as always, and seeing Lily Franky in the mix was pretty epic, but the whole cast are great. 

    I haven’t read Shohei Ooka’s novel or seen Kon…