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  • Suzanne, Suzanne

    Suzanne, Suzanne


    “We really didn’t understand him because I really don’t think he understood himself.”

    A important portrait of abuse and the full human spectrum of emotions that accompany survival from it. Black lives matter. Black trauma matters.

  • The Unspeakable Act

    The Unspeakable Act


    “It’s always easy to get the things you don’t care about.”

    Longing, secrecy, expectation, apprehension, excitement for a fantasized future, fear of growing up and out of those fantasies. A remarkable coming-of-age story. Incest treated with empathetic curiosity. A psychological study imbued with charisma, personality, and authenticity. Phenomenal performances and dialogue. I miss my therapist.

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  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    “Look at them look at you! Look down at you! But we built them!”

    Stylistically new but also so familiar, like a long-forgotten classic lost in the pages of history. Talbot’s direction places San Francisco somewhere between the place we want to live, the place only some of us are allowed to live in, and the place where we all belong. A tribute to the notion of home we all carry. A loving ode to the City by the Bay.…

  • Gaby Baby Doll

    Gaby Baby Doll


    “I don’t get the point of being alone. It makes me sad to be alone. It’s pointless. It’s better to live in a group. All this calm, all this silence... whats the point?”

    CORONAVIRUS. That’s the point Gaby you dumb bitch! But also, like, I get it. 

    I really loved cozying up with this film and a bottle of wine. Hilarious, charming, and imbued with a tranquil pastoralism that contrasts magically with the neurotically slapstick plot. Peeing in the middle…