The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

What a cheery little romp! And by that I mean: what a horrid, meandering tangle of drawn-out nihilistic foulness!

I didn’t expect to love this but I didn’t expect to find it SO tedious. I love the Southern gothic genre of depressing literature about collapsing small ghost-town sorrow and sorrowful ghost-like inhabitants, collapsing into their own smallness... so I feel like maybe I’d even like the book! But there’s just WAY too much awfulness crowded into 138 long minutes - its exhausting and not interesting or unique or empathetic or authentic enough to feel “worth” the exhaustion. I feel like the director KNEW this too and attempted to salvage the tediousness by smattering thirst traps fucking EVERYWHERE in this film but that somehow made it worse! Because, like, seeing pretty people being horrible just amplifies the awfulness! But I guess good job traumatizing and criminally boring all the pubescent girls (and gays) who sat through this for *glimpses* of Bill Skarsgård or Robert Pattinson or Tom Holland or Sebastian Stan or Harry Melling with weird Appalachian accents! I hope it was worth it!