Second time to confirm what I knew thought the first time: masterpiece, this one is going on the list. 

Some of the most holistic filmmaking ever put to screen, save for a few lines that could use some work. Spinotti paints with the camera, creating images that are dripping with subtext. 

As always Mann blurs the line between his protagonist and antagonist, and brilliantly showcases the voyeuristic depths each go to achieve their goals. 

The film is rife with symbolism. My favorite instant being Francis taking Reba to visit the sedated tiger. The borderline erotic thrill Reba gets from being so close to something that can kill her: the tiger/Francis. And Francis’ explicitly erotic thrill of watching her do so. “Everything is seeing with you isn’t it?” 

Noonan steals the show here, his turn as the tooth fair/red dragon is perfect. He is a giant psychotic child, he barely knows what to do with himself when Reba sleeps with him. Looking like a fish gasping for air. 

The new age heavy score mixed with pop is superb, featuring one of the best needle drops of all time thanks to The Prime Movers. 

I really cannot say enough good things about this film, as Jacob Knight put it: the ultimate “dudes intensely staring at stuff while awesome music plays” movie ever made. Which is basically my ideal film.

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