Suspiria ★★★★

"But I believe that people can organize themselves to perpetrate crimes and call it magic."

Tough to gauge on a first watch, but I think I loved it.

There's a startling coherence between all the factors that I just adored- the immersively bleak production design (which is indisputably the best of the year, sorry The Favourite), a camera that snakes and zooms around rooms, and the fantastic cast of Tilda Swinton (x2 or x3?), Dakota Johnson, and Mia Goth.

Far from perfect, but I wish we had more of these bloated, overly-cinematic excursions at the movies. I found the power dynamics and undertones of national guilt incredibly stimulating, and I can't way to revisit this to flesh both out in my head. Hard to simply declare this a step-up from the original since it's obviously more of a radical reinterpretation than remake, but suffice to say this is very much my shit.

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